Deloitte Tax Challenge 2017

10 years of making an impact!

Deloitte Tax Challenge 2017

Congratulations to our winners!

2 November 2017

Deloitte Tax Challenge Finals

After months of intense challenges, the finals of Deloitte Tax Challenge 2017, in its 10th year, took place on 1 November 2017, as the team and individual category finalists made their way to our Kuala Lumpur office to compete for the title of #DTC2017 Champions!

The final challenge questions were disclosed to the finalists 2 hours and 30 minutes before the final judging rounds.

Teams prepping for the final presentation.

Sim Kwang Gek, our Mergers & Acquisitions Tax Leader, together with Jennifer Lopez, Clients & Markets Director and Hishamuddin Jalil, Head of Strategic Partnership, ACCA Malaysia had the honour of being on the judging panel to hear 16 finalists in the individual category enthusiastically present their tax planning ideas for the questions given.

(From left to right) Jennifer Lopez, Sim Kwang Gek and Hishamuddin Jalil

Meanwhile Stefanie Low, our Executive Director, Yvonne Chung, Head of Strategy & Electronic Content, Wolters Kluwer CCH and Kelly Sidhu, Head of Business Relations, ACCA Malaysia, who were the judges for the team category, were wowed by the powerful presentations of the 7 finalist teams.

(From left to right) Stefanie Low, Yvonne Chung and Kelly Sidhu

Deloitte Tax Challenge Gala Dinner

As the final rounds of competition drew to an end, all the finalists, judges and invited guests proceeded to the One World Hotel for a night of celebration at the DTC Gala Dinner, where the winners were announced.

Country Tax Leader, Yee Wing Peng welcomed the guests with inspiring opening remarks. Kelly Sidhu, Head of Business Relations, ACCA Malaysia and Yvonne Chung, Head of Strategy & Electronic Content from Wolters Kluwer CCH also took to the stage to give few words on their collaboration with Deloitte as official sponsors of DTC.

All seated to enjoy the evening, eagerly awaiting announcement of winners.

The fun-filled evening featured performances by Deloitte's own talent - Hykarl Sufardi, Tax Assistant and Joyce Tang, Tax Senior, wowed the audience with their voices! The DTC organising team also took to the stage to showcase their talent in singing.

Staying true to the yearly DTC tradition, all DTC Finalists performed as well!

This was followed by an entertaining forum discussion on 'A Career as Tax Professionals' chaired by Jennifer Lopez, Clients & Markets Director, with panellists Stefanie Low, Executive Director, Mark Chan, Director, Adib Ahmad Zabidi, Supervisor and Isabelle Pong, DTC Alumni and former Deloitte Tax intern from Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TAR UC).

After a night of good cheer and merriment, the DTC 2017 winners were finally announced!

Taxpacito from TAR UC emerged as the team category champion, walking away with RM12,000 worth of prizes and an employment offer from Deloitte Malaysia.

First runner-up for the team category was The Survivors (UTAR) and second runner-up was Taxaholic (TAR UC), whilst VPACC (Sunway-TES) and J.4.T (UM) won the merit awards for team category. Congratulations to all!

In the individual category, Marissa Lee Sher May from Sunway-TES was crowned the overall champion, bagging RM5,500 worth of prizes and an employment offer from Deloitte Malaysia.

First runner-up for individual category was Lee Peng Qing (TAR UC) and second runner-up was Ivan Tay (UTAR) whilst Lim Jing Jie (TAR UC) and Chong Hsien Leon (TAR UC) won the merit awards for the individual category. Well done to the winners!

Farah Nabila Mohamad Yusof from INTEC Education College won the Best Writer Award for the individual category while The Survivors from UTAR walked away with Best Writer Award for the team category. The winners received books worth RM1,000 sponsored by Wolters Kluwer CCH.

Marissa Lee Sher May from Sunway-TES won the Best Presenter Award sponsored by ACCA Malaysia. Chong Hsien Leon, Tiffany Thong Siew Mun and Lee Peng Qing, all from TAR UC, together with Chai Woei Shiuan from Sunway-TES were named Best Presenters in the team category.

Our DTC 2017 Champions will compete against the DTC national champions from other Southeast Asia countries at the highly anticipated SEA Deloitte Tax Challenge 2018 in Jakarta next year.

Congratulations to all our winners and we wish them all the best! Many thanks to our sponsors - ACCA Malaysia, Wolters Kluwer CCH and INTEC Education College for their fervent support of Deloitte and the Deloitte Tax Challenge!

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Deloitte Tax Challenge 2017

Announcement of finalists!

20 October 2017

Dear Challengers,

The Deloitte Tax Challenge, now in its 10th Season, is gearing up to the final stages with rising excitement!

In total, there were 3,214 challengers participating in both team and individual categories that have made it through rounds of competitions.

After going through the stringent deliberation and selection process, we are pleased to announce the finalists for both Individual and Team categories.

Individual Category

Well done to all the 60 semi-finalists who tried their best to excel amid the strong competition. It was a tough decision for the judges in selecting the 16 finalists.

Congratulations to the 16 challengers who are making their way to the grand finals!

No. Name University
1 Chong Hsien Leon Tunku Abdul Rahman University College
2 Farah Nabilah Binti Mohamad Yusof INTEC Education College
3 Harinee a/p Sooriya Praksha Naidu Universiti Tun Abdul Razak
4 Ivan Tay Khai Zhang Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
5 Koay Xiu Hau University of Malaya
6 Lee Bei Er Sunway TES
7 Lee Peng Qing Tunku Abdul Rahman University College
8 Lim Jing Jie Tunku Abdul Rahman University College
9 Marissa Lee Sher May Sunway TES
10 Mohd Hafiz Salihin Bin Ibrahim Universiti Teknologi MARA
11 Na Hui En Sentral College, Penang
12 Nivakan Sritharan Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak
13 Nurul Adibah Binti Mohamad Sopie Sunway TES
14 Siti Fatimah Binti Mohd Ariffi INTEC Education College
15 Tan Zhi Wen Sunway College (Johor Bahru)
16 Wan Nur Iliya Binti Norazri INTEC Education College

Team Category

In preliminary stage of the Team Category, challengers from each institution worked together as a team to complete the tax assignment. It was a neck-to-neck competition among the top performing teams, resulting in the following 7 teams from a total of 172 teams advancing to the Grand Finals. Congratulations!

No. Team Name University
1 J.4.T. University of Malaya
2 PROT4GONISTS Universiti Sains Malaysia (Penang)
3 RIMAU INTEC Education College
4 Taxaholic Tunku Abdul Rahman University College
5 Taxpacito Tunku Abdul Rahman University College
6 The Survivors Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
7 VPACC Sunway TES

To all the other participants, well done in taking up the challenge of #DTC2017. We hope you had a memorable and enjoyable experience.

We look forward to your participation again next year!

What's next for the finalists?

Presentation Skills Workshop - 31 October 2017

Interesting and fun-filled workshops facilitated by professional trainers will be held at the Deloitte office in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, 31 October 2017. These workshops are designed to guide the finalists on their presentation skills and prepare them to take on the final challenge with style and confidence.

Grand finals - Individual and team category

The final stage of the challenge will be held at Deloitte office in Kuala Lumpur on 1 November 2017. Finalists will take centre stage one by one, delivering their best presentation in front of a panel of judges that will evaluate the challengers on various criteria including technical competency, writing skills, presentation skills and English proficiency.

Gala dinner

To wrap up the finals in style, we will be hosting a gala dinner at the One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya on the evening of 1 November 2017. Finalists will be given the chance to unwind in the lead up to the crest of this competition - the announcement of this year's Deloitte Tax Challenge Champions!

Distinguished guests comprising DTC sponsors, lecturers and DTC alumni are also invited to attend the gala dinner to witness the announcements of winners.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move towards the finale of Deloitte Tax Challenge 2017!

We wish the finalists all the best in the finals happening on 31 October and 1 November 2017!

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Deloitte Tax Challenge 2017

Update - Team category (Preliminary stage)
and Individual category (Stage two)

16 October 2017

More than 500 challengers from various universities thronged the INTEC Education College in Shah Alam to compete in the Individual Category (Stage 2) and Team Category (Preliminary Stage) of the Deloitte Tax Challenge last Thursday!

The event kicked off at 9.00 a.m. with the Top 60 participants of the Individual Category undergoing written and oral assessments in Stage 2.

In the written assessment, participants were given 3 hours to provide their written views on a pre-determined topic related to corporate tax planning and the re-imposition of withholding tax on offshore services.

This was followed by the oral assessment segment with panel of judges comprising Deloitte professionals, where the participants were given 5 minutes to articulate their views on a topic related to new tax incentives to boost the tourism industry in Malaysia. For the first time in DTC history, the participants were allowed to do on-the-spot internet research prior to the assessments.

A new introduction to the agenda this year was a fun-filled program planned for all the challengers in between the serious competitions that took place.

While the individual challenge was taking place, the Team Category challengers enjoyed the activities lined up in the main hall of the venue as Team Category Preliminary Stage. During the period from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m., a series of fun-filled activities were organised for the challengers.

Of high interest to the challengers was the Deloitte HR team’s booth which provided CV writing advice. The large group of students queued up and waited patiently to seek assistance on their CVs, reflecting the value they placed on this advice. Mock interview sessions were also run continuously by another Deloitte HR team, where over a hundred challengers attended and benefitted from the feedback offered which included tips on do’s and don’ts during interviews.

Also on the program for the day were career counselling sessions by 12 experienced Deloitte professionals at Director and Manager levels, who offered valuable advice about developing a rewarding career pathway to more than 80 bright-eyed and enthusiastic participants.

Another popular booth is the “dress to impress” booth where Deloitte professionals shared tips on how to dress professionally.

A fun activity which attracted a lot of interest was the lively photobooth where hundreds of participants took fun and creative photos either individually or in groups or both, to post on their Instagram as part of the #DTC2017 photobooth goodie bag giveaway competition!

One of the key highlights of the program was an inspiring talk to all the challengers by Deloitte Malaysia Country Tax Leader, Yee Wing Peng, who took to the stage to share about his successful professional journey with Deloitte. He gave his valuable views on the characteristics of a successful tax professional and the vast opportunities available for a career in tax and in Deloitte today.

Enthusiastic students eagerly directed their questions to our Deloitte Tax Leader at the ensuing Q&A session. Several lucky participants who were able to answer to the challenging questions posed by our Tax Leader walked away with goodie bags which included the trendy DTC 2017 T-shirt.

After the sharing session, it was time for the challengers in the Team Category to proceed to the Preliminary Stage where they were tested on the ability to think outside the box through practical tax planning questions on the new withholding tax regime and e-commerce. Mobile devices were allowed for the challengers to do online research as the focus was to test them on case application.

The DTC committee thanked the management team of INTEC Education College for being our venue sponsor. In return, the management team led by Assoc. Prof. Mahfudzah Mohamed, Director of IPAC @ Intec Education College took the opportunity to present tokens of appreciation to Deloitte and the panel of judges for bringing the DTC to the college this year.

Stay tuned for the announcement of finalists on our Deloitte Tax Challenge webpage on
Monday, 23 October 2017!

We wish the challengers all the best in the finals happening on
31 October and 1 November 2017!

For more information, please visit our DTC webpage here
or send us an email at



6 October 2017

Dear challengers,

The top 60 challengers of the Deloitte Tax Challenge 2017 individual category is out! click here to find out more.

4 October 2017

Dear all,

Our Tax team is proud to announce that this year will mark
10 years of making an impact through our Deloitte Tax Challenge!

Registration for this year's tax challenge is now closed. We are excited to share that we once again received overwhelming response this year - the highest number of participants in the history of DTC with 3,214 participating! This marks a remarkable 26% increase over 2,545 participants in 2016!

For the second year in a row, TARUC (Main Campus) recorded the highest number of participants among 50 universities and colleges.  

Top 10 participating universities

No. of participants


TARUC (Main Campus)



UITM Shah Alam



Sunway (UC + TES)



INTEC Education College



Swinburne University



Multimedia University



TARUC (Penang)



UITM Sarawak






University of Malaya


months of preparation and road shows at universities, the challenges will finally kick off today where the first challenge, the online test for the Individual Category - Stage 1 will take place!

months of preparation and road shows at universities, the challenges will finally kick off today where the first challenge, the online test for the Individual Category - Stage 1 will take place!

Deloitte Tax Challenge 2017 upcoming activities





Individual Category

Stage 1

4 October 2017

Online test

Announcement on
Top 60 of Stage 1

6 October 2017


Team Category

Individual category
Stage 2

12 October 2017


Education College, Shah Alam

Announcement of finalists

23 October 2017


Presentation skills workshop

31 October 2017

Meetpoint 1 & 2,
Level 15

- Finals

- Gala dinner

1 November 2017

- Meetpoint 1 & 2, Level 15

- One World Hotel