Deloitte Tax Challenge 2015, officially launched on 14 September 2015 at Taylor's University, has attracted a record breaking number of 2,667 challengers from 47 universities nationwide compared with 2,282 contestants from 39 universities last year. This year's competition has even attracted a challenger all the way from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore!


Please click here to view the universities involved.


Stage One - Individual Category
Stage One - Individual Category has just took place on 5 October 2015. In this intensely contested event, 70 out of 1,987 challengers successfully emerged to Stage Two. Please click here to view our top 70!


What’s next?

Stage Two - Individual Category and Prelim - Team Category will be held at Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus on 15 October 2015.


Who will be making it to the Finals? Stay tuned to find out!