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Deloitte Tax Challenge 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many individuals are involved in the team category?
Each team will be made up of four (4) full-time students who are enrolled in an undergraduate degree programme at the same university, university college, or college.

2. How do we register for the team category?
Please visit our website and register at

3. According to the brochure (Team Category Preliminary Stage), each team representing their university will gather in an assigned room for a three-hour session. Will Deloitte prepare a room for the participants?
Yes, we will update the website with the venue and time of the Preliminary Stage competition. All teams from around Malaysia will take the test simultaneously.

4. Will the simulated business challenges for the Team Category be provided online? Is the submission of report done via online?
The Deloitte Tax Challenge representatives will be invigilating the team category. Thus, the questions will not be provided online.
Preliminary Stage - At the end of the 3-hour breakout session, the Deloitte Tax Challenge representatives will be saving all reports in a thumbdrive. These will then be handed over to the panel of judges.
Final Stage - It will be the same as above except that the report will be a Power Point presentation and teams will be required to present their report to a panel of judges.

5. For the Team Category Preliminary Stage, is there a limit as to how many teams can be sent by each university?
There is no limit as to how many teams may represent a university.

6. For the Individual Category Stage 2 (written and oral test) and Team Category Preliminary Stage, will the venue be provided by Deloitte?
Yes. The venue for the Individual Category Stage 2 (written and oral test) and Team Category Preliminary Stage will be updated on our website.

7. We have students who have just completed and passed their final year exams during the year but will have their convocation at the end of year. Are they eligible to join the Deloitte Tax Challenge for this year as individuals and/or as a team?
Please note that participation is open to students pursuing undergraduate programmes full-time. Final year students are encouraged to apply as well. Only Masters and PhD students are not eligible.

8. Most students in private universities pursue 3+0 accountancy programmes, whereby they study foreign tax (not Malaysian tax) and may find it difficult to participate in the Deloitte Tax Challenge. Will the questions in the Challenge only cover Malaysian aspects?
The Deloitte Tax Challenge is opened to all students who are pursuing full-time undergraduate programmes. Though the questions are based on Malaysian tax laws, students who are studying foreign tax laws are also encouraged to join the competition, as the primary principles of tax are similar. You may want to start by going through past years questions to get a better idea.

9. Are full time students doing a professional degree (e.g. ACCA) eligible to register?
Students who are pursuing full-time professional degree programmes or are registered as full-time students of a college, university college or university are eligible to register.