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Deloitte Tax Challenge 2017

Individual Category

Participants are to read the Official Rules at in its entirety before participating in the Deloitte Tax Challenge. By registering, the individual unconditionally agrees to all the terms and conditions of these Official Rules. Deloitte's decision with regard to the Deloitte Tax Challenge is deemed final and binding in all aspects.


Official Rules - Individual Category


- Participants are advised to verify their respective passwords one week before the commencement of the online test.
- The ID and Password will be provided to each individual in the registration confirmation email.

Stage 1 - Online Test

- Registration is open from 1 August 2017 till 3 October 2017.
- Students who register for Individual Category will be given a password upon successful registration to access the questions.
- Participants are advised to complete their online test earliest possible.
- Participants are given one(1) hour to complete the online test from first login of the online test..
- The online test will begin on 4 October 2017 from 9:00am to 9:00pm.


Stage 2 - Written and Oral Test

The written & oral test will be held at our hosting university.
- Participants with the highest scores will compete in the finals.
- Results will be announced through our website.
- Students are required to bring their own extension cables and fully recharge their laptops prior to the competition.
- Internet access is allowed.
- Usage of mobile phone is allowed.
- Normal examination rules apply.
- Do not discuss or share materials with other participants.
- Do not attempt to communicate with third parties.
- Save file as "universityname-name.doc".
- Preparation time: 3 hours.
- Oral assessment: 5 minutes



- 10 individuals with the highest score in both written and oral tests will enter the finals.
- The finalists will be given a more challenging business challenge to work on upon reaching the finals.
- The finalists will make their presentation (with visual aids) before a panel of judges.
- The panel of judges will determine the winner.
- All finalists will be invited to the Gala Dinner



Cash prizes



RM 3000

1st Runner-up

RM 2000

2nd Runner-up

RM 1000

Merit Awards (2)

RM 500

* * Other prizes include ACCA's Best Presenters award and Wolters Kluwer, CCH's Best Writer award as well as Wolters Kluwer, CCH's taxation text books & online library and trophies.